MEALHQ UI/UX Case Study!

Transforming User Experience: A UI/UX Case Study on the Creation of MealHQ

MEALHQ UI/UX Case Study!


With MealHQ, we believe meal planning and food delivery should be stress-free. Our app lets you customize meals, generate shopping lists, and get swift delivery from any restaurant. Save time, eat healthier, and enjoy delicious food without hassle. We're committed to providing the best user experience so you can focus on enjoying great food!


Meal planning and food delivery can be difficult and time-consuming, especially for those with busy lifestyles. Limited options at local restaurants and slow delivery times can also make it challenging to maintain a healthy diet or accommodate dietary restrictions.

These factors can make the overall experience of meal planning and food delivery stressful and frustrating for many people.


  1. MealHQ simplifies the meal planning process, offering customizable meals and generating shopping lists/carts.

  2. MealHQ provides swift delivery from any restaurant, ensuring hot and fresh meals.

  3. MealHQ offers a user-friendly interface and personalized recommendations for a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

Design Process:

Our design process prioritized user feedback, resulting in a stress-free and enjoyable meal-planning experience for all.

Discover Phase

Quantitative Research:

We did an online survey using Google Forms to observe any pattern or similarity in what the potential users may want, A total of 46 response was recorded which assisted us to frame the problem correctly.

Sample Questions- Do you prefer to dine in or order food delivery?

  1. Have you ever had a bad experience with a food delivery app? If so, what happened?

  2. What is your go-to order at a particular restaurant?

  3. How important is the price of food when deciding where to order from?

  4. Have you ever tried a new restaurant solely based on its online reviews?

  5. What is the most unique dish you've ever tried from a food delivery app?

  6. Do you think food delivery apps have changed the way people eat? If so, how?

  7. Have you ever had to contact customer support for a food delivery app? If so, what was your experience like?

Key insights derived from Survey:

  • Top features: ease of payment, real-time updates, food menu

  • Restaurant selection: based on reviews, recommendations, and proximity

  • Helpful filters: location and reviews

  • Importance of real-time order tracking and order customization

  • Payment methods: card, cash on delivery, and third-party payment

  • Saving favorite orders and restaurants is desired

  • Enjoyable and useful app: user-friendly, responsible, consistent, secure, and with rewards/loyalty points

  • Challenges to avoid: unreliable delivery, app lagging/shutting down, and unclear menu

  • User support features desired: live chat, service desk, hotline, and active social handles

  • Recommendation factors: taste, accessibility, timely delivery, fast service, and good customer service.

Competitive Analysis:

CriteriaJumia FoodsOyaEatFoodHub NGChop Now
Menu OptionsWide variety of options including local and international cuisinesLimited menu options but includes popular dishesWide range of options including vegan and vegetarianWide variety of options including local and international cuisines
Delivery TimeAverage delivery time of 45-60 minutes fastFast delivery time of 30-45 minutes fastestFast delivery time of 30-45 minutes averageAverage delivery time of 45-60 minutes
User InterfaceEasy to use the website and mobile appUser-friendly website and mobile appUser-friendly website and mobile appSimple website and mobile app design
PricingCompetitive pricing with regular discounts and promotionsCompetitive pricing with occasional discountsCompetitive pricing with regular discounts and loyalty programCompetitive pricing with regular discounts and promotions

Define Phase:


we had 5 User Personas in total, to have an in-depth understanding of our user's goals, frustrations, and over-all personalities.

Empathy map:

Ideate Phase:

User Flow

Prototype Phase:


Low Fidelity

Mid Fidelity

High Fidelity


Prototype link

Figma file link



We, the Design Dorfie team, had the opportunity to work together as a team to achieve this great project while working with the product management teams on the research project. Our team consisted of:

Together, we conducted thorough research and analysis on the meal delivery market in Nigeria. Through our efforts, we were able to identify key insights and opportunities for MealHQ to differentiate itself from competitors.

As a team, we learned the importance of collaboration and communication in order to effectively execute a project. We also gained valuable experience in conducting market research and presenting our findings in a clear and concise manner.

"Talent win games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships"

Team Design Dorfie.