Creating a Professional Online Presence: A UI/UX Portfolio Case Study

Creating a Professional Online Presence: A UI/UX Portfolio Case Study

Designing for Impact: A UI/UX Portfolio Case Study"

Welcome to Design Dorfie Uiux Blog! Today we will walk you through our design solution for portfolio websites to enable designers to post their work and designs to potential clients.


Designing the ultimate portfolio website for UI/UX designers. Our platforms are designed to help individuals showcase their design works and build their online presence.

We understand that creating and maintaining an online portfolio can be challenging, so we offer a comprehensive UI/UX design solution that makes the process easy and intuitive.

Problem Statement:

  • Individuals struggle to create an online portfolio that accurately showcases their skills and experience.

  • There is a lack of user-friendly and affordable options for creating a professional portfolio website.

  • With a crowded job market, it can be challenging for individuals to stand out and attract potential employers or clients.


Going through our Problem Statement we were able to draft out a possible solution to this challenges of our designs while giving various options and insights.

  • We designed a user-friendly platform for individuals to easily upload and showcase their past projects and skills.

  • Through our design and customization options, individuals can create a visually appealing and unique portfolio website that sets them apart from the competition.

  • We ensured to provide resources and tips for individuals to optimize their portfolio website and attract potential employers or clients.

Design Process:

We ensured the design process for these websites was centered around user feedback to create a functional solution for our users.

Discover Phase:

Ensuring our design process is centered around our user's feedback and research, to create a solution to the challenges and pains they face.

Survey Questions:

  1. Have you ever struggled to create an online portfolio that accurately showcases your skills and experience?

  2. How much time and effort do you typically spend on creating and updating your portfolio website?

  3. What design and customization options are most important to you when creating a portfolio website?

  4. What pricing plans are most affordable and accessible for your budget when considering a portfolio website?

  5. How important is it for you to have resources and tips to optimize your portfolio website for potential employers or clients?

Survey Insights:

  1. Individuals need more user-friendly and accessible options for creating an online portfolio that accurately showcases their skills and experience.

  2. The time and effort required for creating and updating a portfolio website highlight the need for a streamlined and efficient platform like Workfolio.

  3. Design and customization options are crucial when creating a portfolio website, making Workfolio's options a key selling point.

  4. Affordability is a significant factor when choosing a portfolio website platform, making Workfolio's affordable pricing plans a valuable feature.

  5. The availability of resources and tips for optimizing a portfolio website is valued by users, giving Workfolio a potential advantage in providing such resources.

Competitive Analysis:

User basePrimarily focused on creative professionals and agenciesMix of professionals, small businesses, and hobbyists
FeaturesRobust project showcase with detailed case studiesFocus on visual presentation with simple project displays
Design optionsHighly customizable with many design options and templatesLimited templates and design options
PricingFree and paid options with affordable plans for professionalsFree and paid options with slightly higher professional plans
CommunityLarge community of professionals and agenciesMore casual and hobbyist community with less professional focus

Define Phase:

persona: We made 3 three user personas for our three portfolio websites:

Empathy Map:

Ideate Phase:

An Information Architecture to help with navigation and access to the website features.

Prototype Phase:



High fidelity:

( Website 1 - Workfolio)

( Website 2 - UIfolio)

( Website 2 - UIport)

Mock ups:


The Design Dorfie team demonstrated perseverance and dedication in overcoming various challenges during the development of these websites, such as time constraints and technical difficulties.

The team consisted of members including:

who worked collaboratively to prioritize user feedback and make thoughtful improvements to the app.

Throughout the development process, the team learned the importance of effective communication and collaboration, as well as the value of incorporating user feedback into design decisions.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

Design Dorfie.