A Case Study on Timeless: A "Timeless" Music Experience!

Designing a Music App with Intuitive UI/UX: A Case Study on Timeless

A Case Study on Timeless: A "Timeless" Music Experience!


Timeless is a music app designed to provide an immersive and personalized music listening experience. The app is tailored to the preferences of music enthusiasts who seek an intuitive and engaging music discovery process. With personalized recommendations, customized playlists, and curated content, Timeless is designed to provide a seamless and enjoyable music experience.

Problem Statement:

From our research we understand our user's complaints about lack of personalization and customization, making it difficult for users to discover new music.

  • Overcrowded interfaces make it hard for users to navigate and find what they are looking for.

  • The lack of lyrics makes it difficult for users to sing along to their favorite songs and fully enjoy the music.

  • Inability to pick favorite artists and have customized recommendations based on those preferences.


    Timeless addresses these issues by providing an engaging UI/UX design that focuses on music discovery and personalization.

    • The app's clean and intuitive interface allows for easy navigation and a seamless user experience.

    • Personalized recommendations based on user preferences ensure that users can discover new music tailored to their tastes.

    • The app also provides lyrics for songs, making it easier for users to sing along and fully enjoy the music.

    • Timeless allows users to pick their favorite artists and provides customized recommendations based on those preferences.


The design process for Timeless was centered around user feedback to create a personalized and enjoyable music-listening experience.

Discover Phase:

Understanding our Users: Quantitative Research

Sample Survey Questions:

  1. How frequently do you listen to music?

  2. How important is personalized music recommendations to you?

  3. What is your preferred method for discovering new music?

  4. How important is it for you to have access to lyrics while listening to music?

  5. How often do you create personalized playlists?

  6. What are some features you would like to see in a music app?

    Key Survey Insights:

    1. The majority of respondents listen to music daily.

    2. Personalized music recommendations were deemed important to the vast majority of respondents, highlighting the need for tailored music discovery options within Timeless.

    3. Streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music were the most popular method for discovering new music, followed by recommendations from friends or family, and social media.

    4. Access to lyrics while listening to music was important to the majority of respondents, suggesting the need for a lyrics feature within Timeless.

Respondents had a variety of feature requests for a music app, with some of the most common including personalized recommendations based on mood, the ability to share playlists with friends, and a lyrics feature.

Competitive Analysis:

FeaturesSpotifyYouTube MusicBoom
Music LibraryLarge and DiverseLarge and DiverseLimited Selection
Personalized RecommendationsYesYesNo
Social SharingYesNoNo

Our key insights:

  • Timeless offers a comparable music library to Spotify and YouTube Music.

  • Timeless offers personalized recommendations, while Boom does not.

  • Timeless offers lyrics features, while YouTube Music and Boom do not.

Define Phase:

Persona: We created 4 user personas to understand Timeless users' personalities, goals, and pain points. This helped us design a 'timeless' music experience that truly meets their needs.

Empathy Map:-

Ideate Phase:

Our information architecture for Timeless accommodates all the different ways our users engage with music, from browsing lyrics to picking favorite artists.

Prototype Phase:


low fidelity:-

Mid fidelity:-

High fidelity:-

Mobile App (Light and Dark)

Website (Mobile and Desktop) light and Dark:

Smartwatch and Tour Bus (Light and Dark):



Our Timeless prototype is a testament to the power of teamwork and innovation. Get ready to experience the result of our hard work and creativity!


Through perseverance and dedication, the Design Dorfie team overcame various challenges during the development of Timeless, such as time constraints and technical difficulties.

Our team members:

worked collaboratively to prioritize user feedback and make thoughtful improvements to the app.

In the process, we learned the importance of effective communication and collaboration and the value of incorporating user feedback into design decisions. With our collective efforts and dedication, Timeless has the potential to become a leading app in the music industry, providing a seamless and enjoyable music experience for our users.

"Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."

Team Design Dorfie.